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GeorgiaStar Chau at P2P Foundation

GeorgiaStar Chau
I have been a creator sense I can remember. I have enjoyed learning everything I could in the creative form. All media’s of painting. Wood work, cutting out forms and painting them, needle work, jewelry making, floral, ceramic, making my own dishes with a very fun patterns and colorful. I love color and patterns. I have painted on many walls, furniture, candles well if it stood still I painted it or did something to it.
I became ill for the last 12 years with environmental disorder. Smells make me very ill.  I am pretty much isolated from the world now. Second life has been my only social life. And so thankful we have it.
I have had to different ways and watercolor is one of them. I never really developed it so now I am. It’s the only media I can use as of now. But I do love it and hope you enjoy what I have learned so far. This is just a selection of different things I have tried.

P2P Foundation's Gallery I is having a gallery opening this Saturday at 1pm SLT featuring the artist GeorgiaStar Chau.

The Pixel To Pixel Foundation (P2P) was established in 2009 to enhance the Second Life experience for people living with disabilities.
Second Life is a lifeline to many people with disabilities. Some (such as those who suffer from severe depression) may live in social isolation, and SL keeps them connected with others in the outside world. Other people may have physically disabling conditions, and SL allows them the virtual experience of full mobility, and even gives them wings to fly.
The P2P Foundation, which exists only in SL, gives direct financial assistance in the form of weekly Linden-dollar stipends to people on disability -- that is, those who are supporting themselves solely on disability assistance program benefits. Participants can reside in any country, and their disability assistance can be either from their government or from a private disability insurance company.
Donations to the foundation go directly to recipients, hence the name, Pixel To Pixel (avatar to avatar). The amount of the stipend is $500 Lindens per week, which is equivalent to about US$2 per week in real life. This amount may seem trivial to someone who has regular income from a paying job, but for a person on disability who may have very little money to spare, it can make a real difference for their quality of life in SL. As one participant so succinctly put it, "two dollars for me means a loaf of bread for a week." The weekly stipend from P2P may enable a participant to rent an apartment or shop, for example, or take photographs or upload textures in SL. Occasionally, the P2P Foundation also gives discretionary grants for participants to start a business or pursue a major creative project in SL.
Some donors give weekly (or monthy) and directly sponsor one or more participants. However, any and all donations are always gratefully accepted in the Donation Boxes located at the foundation office, or, you may pay Pixel Falconer directly. Donations go into the Sponsor Fund, which supports the majority of participants in the program. We also welcome you to give of your time in helping to spread the word about the foundation or by placing one of our Donation Kiosks at your place of business.
There are a few guidelines for participating, designed to ensure that the P2P program runs smoothly and that nobody abuses the system. These guidelines are available in a separate notecard, entitled "Participant Information."
Also, we are seeking artists with disabilities to show their work in future months at the Pixel Gallery. Pixel Gallery is a project of the Pixel To Pixel Foundation. We are proud to have two locations now, our original one at the foundation headquarters in Artropolis, and a new one offered to us by the good people at the famous Inspire Space in Shinda. Visit the galleries at:

Pixel Gallery I - P2P Foundation, Antropolis
Pixel Gallery II - Inspire Space Art Area, Shinda

CONTACT: Pixel Falconer/Jadyn Firehawk (Director/Founder), or Ivy Lane (Assistant)
DONATIONS TO: Pixel Falconer

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