sabato 19 febbraio 2011

Josina Burges: schoeffer tour cybernetic

Tomorrow 1 pm slt  we start the Cybernetic Tour AND the Alien Bolero Bolero Show for the LAST TIME. After the show we will go on with the IAM for IBM big exhibition and of course the traditional Party!!
The sim will fill fast so come early. Please sit down in the seats, when the show starts put stream on and click 2x escape. Also set your draw distance on 300.
Be sure you have your seat, it will fly with you and build-in cameras will give you a superb view and inside look.
We start 1 pm sharp!

Good day and welcome to you all!
We are  very happy and proud to present you “The Tower of Schoeffer:”.
Please sit down in the seats, put stream on and click 2x escape. Also set your draw distance on 300.
Seats of the audience are going to fly around with built in cameras that offer spectacular views, because the tower is too big to be taken in as a whole by any camera. Elevator seats bring you to the floor you choose. Exhibitions of historic pictures and cybernetic art make the event unforgettable. Great artists have been invited to create elaborated interactive, and scripted sculptures specially for the tower. Josina Burgess has created immersive particles and  lots of cybernetic sculptures. Exhibiting artist are:
    Dancoyote Antonelli,
    Velazquez Bonetto,
    Josina Burgess,
    Artistide Despres,
    Glyph Graves,
    Werner Kurosawa,
    Merlino Mayo,
    Bryn Oh,
    shellina Winkler.
Special performances and shows will be offered for your entertainment. Later on you can walk and fly around yourself to experience some more.
Use the teleports on every lvl, you can find them easily, its the coloured pads next to the elevators what you can use also by sitting the white seat and click it.
All  creations you are going to see are “Cybernetic” that means all will be interactive, reactive or “do” something when you click on them or command them. Find it out!
Works of Dancoyote Antonelli and Werner Kurosawa,  these great works are interactive so go here later to see what they “do” , you find also here a exhibition about the real history of the tower.
Nicolas Schöffer,
father of Cybernetic Art, an architect, visionary and artist. He is famous  for his enlightened way of thinking and for being decades ahead of his own times.
Schöffer adapted this cybernetic principle when he  realised his spatiodynamic and luminodynamic sculptures consisting of moving and turning modules and mobiles,  using light and mirrors to create constantly changing forms and effects. His work opened  totally new horizons in art history during the 50s and 60s and inspired many enthusiastic followers. He continued working fervently and elaborating his constructions until his death in 1992 in Paris. His spirit is still living with us, his memory is vivid. His work is displayed in many museums over the world. There are several museums carrying his name and showing exclusively his artworks.
Schöffer's chief achievement was the Tower of Light that he designed for the city of Paris, where it should have stood in a special surrounding to be seen from far away.
He used mirrors and lights to create the illusion, specially at night, that the tower was floating in the air. Dematerialization of the artwork was one of Schöffer's main concerns that he wanted to realize by using immaterial media such as light and sound.
Inside the tower all kind of exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and shops would entertain the visitor. Rotating floors  would give spectacular views and on certain times a lightshow would transform the tower into a performance of its own.
Schöffer's widow, Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer has kept his heritage. She is still working with all her enormous strength to keep Schöffer's memory alive and vivid by numerous openings and exhibitions showing his work. She has even  organised an exhibition  on SL with her friends.
She became with her avatar  very soon absorbed by the virtual art world. She visited many exhibitions in Second Life. On one of her trips into the virtual world she got to know Velazquez Bonetto and the CARP (Cybernetic ARt Project) team. The work of Velazquez and his team caught Eléonore's attention at once and she returned several times to follow the development of the ongoing projects.  As soon as she realised what Velazquez was capable of, a new dream began to take shape.
Velazquez Bonetto is László Ördögh's avatar in SL. His artistic activity is an integrated part of a wider carrier. It is nourished by more than thirty years of professional experience gathered in such different fields as industrial design, computer graphics, virtual reality and ergonomics. It has multiple influences on his art. Owing to years in software production he  has developed several new techniques that can be roughly classified as mixed media and he is a high-profile creator in virtual artistic scenes.
After a short while Velazquez Bonetto, his daughter Caravaggio Bonetto and his wife Mirabella Infinity  went to Paris in RL. They spent several days in the atelier and home of Schöffer with Eléonore explaining the tower and Schöffer's work. After getting the blueprints and taking many pictures they went back home and Velazquez started to build the Tower.
The first presentation of the tower took place on Saturday, 9th October 2010  in the framework of the Imagine Festival. It is a great chance to see it and to make your own experience walking inside  in SL,  to look around  and to feel what it could have been like if it had been built in Paris according to Schöffer's plans.
The tower has been built on scale 1:1 in Second Life to be as true to the original as it was possible.  To build something on scale 1:1 is not usual in SL. In the virtual world everything should be built on a larger scale because the avatars  are bigger and taller as normal humans. ( at about 2 meters tall)  There is one other major difference to real humans regarding the realisation of vision as well. The eye of an avatar is interpreted as a camera. We would normally think that this camera should be placed on the head where we see the eyes  of a human. It is not the case though. The avatar should see himself or herself from behind on the monitor of the PC  to enhance their ability of orientation. The camera is placed 3 meters behind the head and a bit higher than the head. It is why the main dimensions of the tower could be kept the same as they were planned by Schöffer.
Three thousand two hundred active scripts and controllers let all the lights, reflectors and particles react to special events and perform a lightshow automatically or on command.
Schöffer's dream was to build the tower in Paris in RL.  It has been built on a place he could  not have dreamt of.  It has been built in the virtual world not to be seen from a couple of kilometres away from the spot where it stands, but to be seen from all over the world. It has been built to be a symbol of development, innovation, true spirit of discovery and delight taken in work and wisdom.

Lvl 2
 Bryn Oh,
you get just a glimpse of what Bryn made, but its way more then this and you have to go to lvl 2 to have a better look
Lvl 3
Josina Burgess
All is interactive or reacts on a click or a command, go here when you need a closer look.
Lvl 5
Artistide Despres.
Works also with sound and when you walk in or over stuff happens..
Lvl 6
Shellina Winkler
Inside this little house a dream comes true…just have a look
Lvl 7
Igor Ballyhoo
Always really interesting to see how precise this artist build his creations
Lvl 8
Merlino Mayo
All works here also interactive and its really interesting to walk through and see what happens around you!
Lvl 9
Velazquez Bonetto
On the interpretation of Ravel´s Bolero, music written ánd played by Junivers Stockholm, Velazquez created a show, performed by magic synchrone dancing Prims forming a ballet.
We invited a crew of dancers to make this performence amazingly special.
Medora Chevalier- choreography
theDove  Rhode
Isabella Alphaville
Angelique Menoptra
Southern Riptide
Sunshine Vayandar and... as a very special dancer.......
Eronoele Galicia...Being the avatar of Eleonore Schöffer herself!!!!


La magia di Rory Torrance

Immerso nel colore e in una fantasia quasi magica troviamo le opere dell'artista Rory Torrace in una mostra d'arte aperta a tutti a Thousand Palm Gallery.
Il fascino ipnotico delle curiose sculture di questo artista messicano lasciano ad ogni singola interpretazione una vasta quantitá di liberi pensieri.
La passione delll'artista per l'astrologia e la fisica si mostra chiaramente tra le varie forme di colori e simboli mischiati tra il reale e l'infinito.
L'inmensa creativitá racchiusa in queste opere sembra unire la ragione e la confusione in modi estremamente particolari.  Le sculture infatti oltre a fluttuare propositamente per dare maggior senso a spazi apparenti,  hanno simmetrie che richiamano figure geometriche surreali. 
Nel loro insieme trasmettono messaggi di energie positive, una forma "New Age" di porre colori sovrapposti a simboli per risvegliare i sensi e nello stesso tempo lasciare che percorrino indisturbati i riti della meditazione interna. Una sorta di non realtá racchiusa in immagini che catturano il subconscio di chi le osserva grazie ad un naturale magnetismo.
Ogni opera esprime un'autenticitá colma di colori da sgargianti e solari a freddi tonalitá di blu. Forme distinte di cerchi che creano illusioni ottiche di diverse sembianze unite soltanto dalla semplicitá di rappresentazione di esse.
Non solo le sculture ma i dipinti racchiudono particolari unici e ben distinti tra loro.
Infatti l'artista crea poche copie appositamente e mai promette nulla di troppo specifico delle sue opere ai propri clienti. In fondo come lui stesso dice, la creativitá é una di quelle rare espressioni che vá oltre ogni cosa nella vita che porta ad essere liberi e nel oltrepassare I propri limiti.
Il concetto di Torrance che sembra richiamare le forme fisiche frattali, é ricco di espressione che merita di essere osservata ed apprezzata in tutta la sua particolaritá.
Senza dubbio una scoperta interessante per chi ama la lucentezza racchiusa nella piacevole confusione che queste inconsuete opere possono lasciare nella memoria.

Nuria Dominica
SL Crazy Press