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Ozland: Visual Poetry in Second Life

When thinking of the amazing things we can do in Second Life we probably have really not clues of how many they are. As I thought to have seen most of what goes around in this virtual word I have discovered a new and exciting way to appreciate Art.
Set in Ozland owned by Llola Lane, this simple but effective idea to have people admiring art and writing a story about it; it is called “Visual Poetry” and allows anyone to put themselves up for a challenge while improving their own writing skills.

(March Art by Trill Zapatero)

I was fortunate enough to meet with Llola and her Co-owner Sven in their beautiful land.

Nuria Dominica: first of all thank you very much for agreeing to this informal interview, i know how busy you are and it was not simple to organize it.
I become really passionate by your “Visual Poetry” project. Would you mind to explain to our readers how it works?
  Llola Lane: you are most welcome.
We have a different artist every month to our gallery. They have to do RealLife artwork and upload to SecondLife. I got the idea to have the artist to give us a picture to be inspired by to write a story. So now.. every month.. the artist picks one picture that they like best and anyone write 100 -1000 word, poem, song or story inspired by the picture. It can be any genre. I just ask that the stories be PG rated so no one is offended
We then read them on voice every Wednesday at noon slt and 7pm slt for one hour. Newest stories are read first then we read the older ones afterwards.
This is just for fun, we don't judge them but I must admit we do get some wonderful stories/poems.
  Nuria Dominica: which is what it make it so popular, I suppose.
  Llola Lane: yes.. agreed. It is getting more popular every week but the darn time zones and RL make it difficult for people to come every week; that is why we did the blog
We get readers from ALL over the world and not just SecondLife, reading our blog
   Nuria Dominica: well the time zone is a problem that we all encounter unfortunately, but yes .. the blog is an amazing way to follow all the stories. So how long has the Visual Poetry going on for and how did it all started?
   Llola Lane: it started in July of last year. Our first stories were for CHRISTMAS IN JULY Art Exhibit. The response was awesome.
I got the idea from going to a Lyrical Cafe Poetry reading... Camella (I think her name) read a poem and showed us the picture that inspired it. I looked at the picture and said to myself... “I get a different story from that picture”... and then i thought..  I would look on the internet for pictures.. and then i said.. silly.. We have the art gallery and i asked our artist for July to provide a picture... she did and now we do that every month
  Nuria Dominica: so you had the art gallery before the Visual Poetry project started then?
  Llola Lane: yes.. the art gallery was started when I acquired this Sim in March of 2009
The Art and Writing DO go good together and it helps promote the artist.

  Nuria Dominica: of course it works both ways
  Llola Lane: agreed.
I didn't have room on OZLAND MAIN for the gallery.. this worked out great for Ozland... I like having things for the residents to enjoy but we can only have one artist a month.. so we are picky.
They HAVE to have RealLife art.. not just stuff uploaded from the internet.
 I wish you had been here for January.. we had a retrospect of all of last years artists.. it was awesome. We do have a blog of past artists on
  Nuria Dominica: well i suppose it makes it easier for each artist to have their picture shown on its own and yes it is a shame to have missed that but I do follow the blog; there are amazing works.
  Llola Lane: I think we will make that an annual event.. for January... we called it “IN RETROSPECT”. Sven's idea
  Nuria Dominica: that's wonderful!
It is basically a way to meet with people and at the same time share personal feeling about those wonderful paintings.
Does the majority of the writers attend the Wednesday to read their story?
  Llola Lane: well i must admit.. Me, Sven and Lillian do most of the reading but some others do every now and then. We will gladly read others if they don't want to read.
We don't mind but it is nice to hear the author read, they know how to put the feeling into their story but we respect the “no mic”.
  Nuria Dominica: Certainly hearing the story from the writer would make a different feeling to it although it is understandable that not everyone is up for reading to an audience
So what kind of stories would your normally get? You mention that there is no need to be a professional writer
  Llola Lane: nope.. ANY stories will do. They can be any genre: mystery, sci-fi, romance, love poems, whatever the writer wishes.
Most everyone that sends us stories is NOT a professional writer,  this is just for fun.
Lillian is the only one that i know of that has had professional schooling for writing and she give us a story every week.
  Nuria Dominica: which is what it make it a fear challenge for everyone as you like to describe it
  Llola Lane: yes, well the different picture each month keeps it fresh too and keeping the stories under 1000 words is quick and fast
Sven is here, he maybe  give you his point of view too. He helps me run OZLAND and is a big part of the art gallery and writings
  Nuria Dominica: wonderful and thanks Sven for join us.
Do you get any feed back from the artists? do they read the stories? It must be amazing for them reading the different interpretations about their own works
  Sven Pertelson: Some of the artists do come along to the readings.  Some have even talked about what they see in their pictures.
  Llola Lane: yes.. the artist love it... Shugaaa last month got some private stories sent to her and Van dear was fun.. he told us about his inspiration for the Morgans Saloon painting he did
  Nuria Dominica: do you get artist from all over the world? How do you select them?
  Sven Pertelson: Just looking at the artists we have had - Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland . USA , France, Portugal, Spain
  Llola Lane: Yes but we don't look for artists from around the world but we find what we like... ask the artist.. and most of the time they say yes
Sven and I like to visit the different art galleries around SecondLife.. that is where we get most of our artists.. just looking around
half the fun is the artists fantasy... i like to be surprised
  Nuria Dominica: have you actually ever considered expanding your project abroad?
i am sure many people would love to have a chance to write something but have not a sufficient english knowledge to do it, perhaps it would be amazing to have Visual Poetry in other country and other languages
  Llola Lane: for now we are in OZLAND.. that keeps us pretty busy and I only know english... so I'd be of no help there...But I’m sure someone in SecondLife will copy us sooner or later.. that happens a lot
Nuria Dominica: well ... Ozland has given many people an amazing idea and it is quite possible that it could be copy or reproduced somewhere else.. we all know that... is SecondLife after all.
But fear enough and it must be a busy job, I imagine.
  Llola Lane: agreed. i like to book artists a few months ahead.. I’m very organized that way..
we have next month's artist all lined up.
we are happy just to get listeners.. after all. it's no fun reading to ourselves.
  Sven Pertelson: sometimes artists have  had to cancel, Real Life events mean that the artist we plan for a month cannot put up a display so we try to have a fall back artist too.
  Llola Lane: yes.. past artists are more than willing to help us if we need a last minute replacement.
Some of the artists have a few different style of artwork... Like Josina.. she does bronze painting and Goache paper artwork
That is why they don't mind helping us out. We do get approximately 200 visitors to our gallery each month.
  Nuria Dominica: That is amazing! You also have a corner in your land where you keep all the past paintings, am I right?
  Sven Pertelson: Not ALL the paintings, we usually get one or two of each artist.
  Llola Lane: I try and put up at least one piece of artwork from every artist in our cave in OZLAND, NE Cave. That is a secret spot but it's a fun surprise for exploring visitors to find as they boat around Ozland.
  Nuria Dominica: Well, thank you very much for your time. It has been wonderful to meet you both. Anything else you would like to add?
  Llola Lane: thank you Nuria. I think we've covered everything... just that listeners are always welcome at our readings.

There we are, submerged by this friendly and welcoming environment where we all have a chance to challenge our writing skills while been amused by interesting art.
I strongly recommend to visit Ozland and the blog where it is possible to get inspired by some good art and the fantasy of each one of the writing. Perhaps you will be tempted to write something... I did.

Nuria Dominica
SL Crazy Press Reporter

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