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User, gallery manager and “3D painter”: a 360° wide passion for the Art

We delve into Aloisio Congrejo knowledge, co-autor of last exhibition B&W&C (Black and White & Color) unveiled on August 13th here
already described in this post#. Aloisio is part of that artists-non-artists category, those who don’t take themself too seriously and are aware to be in some ways “playing” and “experimenting” in SecondLife. From his profile #: .I do not think of myself as an 'artist' and certainly don't consider myself an 'inventor' of anything groundbreaking, I create art simply for the the pleasure of creating.  This means that he is wearing at least 3 “shoes”: passionate user, mentor and talent scout and creative author himself. “Born in SL” in the beginning of 2007, he began with Saturnia land, and after he and his partner Tani Thor are managing “Tanalois” a sim entirely devoted to the art. He is actually working as a Gallery Manager in real life.

Here some useful links:

Here also an interesting playlist of “engines oriented” works:

To have a visual catalogue of latest installation here some videos:

1. Globulis, Immersive Work, November 2009,

2. August 2010 Aloisio Congrejo Gallery in Second Life

    3. Roy, 2011 dedicated to final Blade Runner scene (the android death)

    4. Oppression, 2011

    5. Solitude, 2011 

It is also interesting to explore his first works currently exhibited in a 3 store cube here:

His works are often immersive and interactive: paintings are “animated” whe somebody goes enough close to stare at them. 

Don’t use the camera for touring, but try to live them walking inside or close to them. Even though during his latest interview he told me that he is prefering B&W to colour, his first works are often colore, such as the very first:  “Miles Davis” and this creates a kind of contrast with following “engine- and geometric-” works.

You can compare this with the atmospheres a bit dark from latest B&W&C exhibition. In the latter you can feel the sense of “Oppression” carried over from previous events. During the interview Aloisio told me almost pridly that the perception of who is experimenting the works can be very strong: some visitors seeing all those faces staring at them had to teleport away after less than one minute to avoid distress and anguish.

The style used needs a mention. Aloisio is NOT using sculpted but just simple prims and a very sparing use of scripts, mainly used to make some effects or to animate textures.
Unluckily he cannot show all of his works due to lack of prims (each “head” you see in the images costs around 20 prims). Probably remaking them in sculpted he can optimize, but even better he should transfer these works to some OpenSim grids where prims are not a problem at all.

Salahzar Stenvaag

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  1. Can the "Miles Davis" piece be bought anywhere?

  2. Hi Apnel, sure , this is the slurl