martedì 16 agosto 2011

“raining in my garden

 I feel a bit dark, but the horizons are light”

On August 2nd, It just opened the new “official” Igor Ballyhoo installation, in the sky at 3000 m height above the renowned SnowCrash area.
Much has been spoken and written on Igor Ballyhoo in latest months due to various International exhibits and awards. If you want to read a bit about that (other than googling him) II suggest the following posts:
Regarding the current exhibition you can find a very good “Turist Guide” here:
What I’d like to add here is an “emotional” addition that can help understanding the atmosphere and individual meaning that you might feel exploring in this 4D installation, starting from the Igor’s SL profile where you can read this (in Serbian):

“пада киша у мом врту
Осећам се помало тамно
али хоризонти су
мало светлости”

“raining in my garden
I feel a bit dark
but the horizons are
little light”

This almost-Haiku introduces us perhaps in a good way to the complex flow of emotions flowing in the head of who is exploring this 4D installation (additional D stay for the music) and that might be in the mind of Igor when he composed this.
When he is asked about this installation his reaction is: (1) “it is unfinished and will never be finished”.
If you are going to visit it, please keep music well up to experiment the “fourth D dimension” because music here - 7th Beethoven Symphony - is playing an essential part. The Contrasted tranquillity, serenity but also the animated and unrestness of this music, composed “to celebrate the dance” does fit well to describte many alien, dark and futuristic emotions of this environment.
Even more if you note that the symphony, very well considered by some critics, did received heavy bad words (3), because:
"Mr. Van Beethoven goes his own path, and a dreary, eccentric, and tiresome path it is: learning, learning, and nothing but learning, but not a bit of nature or melody. And, after all, it is but a crude and undigested learning, without method or arrangement, a seeking after curious modulations, a hatred of ordinary progressions, a heaping up of difficulties, until all the pleasure and patience are lost."
Igor Ballihoo is a very anarchic person and in some circumstances he said regarding “art” and “artists” in SL (4):
“first of all, you keep calling it art, I never clame it to be. I talk
through my works. I leave marks around for ppl who
can read them. one day I see something on street
and it provoke me to make some work, other day I
dream, again sometimes someone from this world
say one word and it inspire whole new build.”

Regarding SL Art community in SL:

“As Bryn once said, art in sl is simply rPG – ppl play
roles of artists coz they have nothing better to do.”

And after this long introduction, here a small gallery of snapshots, but you should also take open this link to see them with the same music from Beethoven we just described...

Salahzar Stenvaag

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